New Collaboration, New Data Security Risk – Devin Redmond – ep106

Teams, Zoom, Slack, Webex, the list of platforms that are now commonplace in organisations and changing the way we work together and collaborate continue to grow. These applications are not only providing a conference platform for hosting meetings but are also replacing some of our traditional communications methods such as voice, video and increasingly becoming the standard message exchange application, slowly starting to replace email as a day to day tool.

They also offer more than just messaging, they also allow us to share information, a convenient way to transfer files or share desktops. These tools are very powerful and provide an efficient and effective way of collaborating across organisations and interacting with customers and partners.

As we adopt these tools, how many of us have considered the risk these platforms pose to the security of our data? How do we track the voice and video communications that these platforms provide to ensure that we are not leaking sensitive data? Do we understand how the platform is been used, are there patterns of usage that should concern us?

These are the questions we cover on this week’s podcast as I’m joined by Devin Redmond, Co-Founder and CEO of Theta Lake. Devin has a long history in data compliance, governance and security and now with Theta Lake he is taking on the difficult challenge presented by modern collaboration tools.

During our chat we try to understand the problem, why governance and data security is difficult on these platforms and how companies like Theta Lake are taking advantage of modern technology approaches such as machine learning to tackle it and ensure we retain control and governance of our data regardless of the platforms that data is held in.

We discuss;

  • What is the challenge?
  • What’s wrong with current approaches?
  • How do you spot compliance risk in voice and video?
  • Why the speed of innovation in these modern platforms adds to the problem.
  • The importance of context.
  • The challenge of volume.
  • The importance of human interaction when it comes to tackling the problem.
  • Enabling these tools and their benefits in an effective and safe way.

This is a fascinating debate and not one I’d considered when using Teams, Slack and other collaboration tools, but Devin provides a lot of food for thought and already has me considering the usage of these platforms and how to better manage and control them.

If you want to find out more about Theta Lake and how they can help in this space check out You can also find more about Devin and what he does via Linkedin. You’ll also find Theta Lake as a featured app for both Zoom and Ring and you can find information on how it integrates and what it delivers to those tools via their app stores.

Thanks for listening.

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