AIOPS Finding the needle the ever-growing technology stack – Gadi Oren – Ep 107

There is no question that our IT systems are critical to the operation of the modern enterprise, its ability to meet ever-changing demands and do this quickly means our IT stack continues to grow and evolve into an ever larger and more complex beast, which presents a constant challenge to Enterprise IT teams to ensure our systems continue to perform as needed, remain secure and available to deliver the outcomes our enterprises need.

When we used to have half a dozen servers, a small network and some storage, monitoring and managing these systems was relatively easy, we could have the management platform of our choice, providing our IT team with alerts and data and using their skills and experience they could quickly turn this into useful and actionable information.

However, today, when we have dozens of virtual machines, systems, complex networks that are not only in our datacentre but in multiple locations including of course the public cloud. The environments no longer generate a handful of metrics, they are generating hundreds if not thousands per day, how do we keep on top of them? pick out what is important and action it?

That is the topic of this weeks show as we explore AIOPS a term and approach that is becoming increasingly important to modern IT management with my guest Gadi Oren, VP of Technical Evangelism at LogicMonitor, in his role, Gadi work with customers and the wider industry to understand the challenges many of us face in IT infrastructure management and to work with his product teams to come up with ways of addressing them.

Gadi has real experience in this part of IT and shares some great thoughts and ideas, during our chat we cover;

  • How the size and complexity of our infrastructures are creating data overload.
  • Looking for smaller needles in bigger haystacks!
  • The impact of alert fatigue.
  • More complexity doesn’t mean more IT resources to deal with it.
  • The Shift in the perception of what we expect from monitoring.
  • The development of AIOPS.
  • How AIOPS can do our “heavy lifting”.
  • How freeing our most valuable IT resources from the mundane, benefits them and the organisation.
  • The benefits of smarter monitoring.
  • Development of “opinionated” systems.

I hope you enjoyed the episode, to find out more about logic monitor visit you can find Gadi on twitter @gadioren and also his blog on Medium. You can also get a free trial of LogicMonitors platform on their website.

Next week we talk analysts and Gartner Magic Quadrants, to catch that show, please subscribe.

As always, thanks for listening.

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