VMware’s place in the cloud – Kelly Goolsby – Ep117

The move to the cloud continues at a pace as more organisations look to harness cloud-like capabilities like scale, flexibility and commercial value into their business operations. These companies are now more likely to be more “traditional” types that already have a datacentre and an enterprise IT environment, finding ways to tactically use the cloud in these environments is high on the priory list for IT teams across many types of business.

One interesting consideration for helping with this integration is looking at how to exploit more traditional enterprise technology to ease adoption and integration and that is the premise of this week’s show. A few months ago I watched a youtube discussion on this topic with Kelly Goolsby, where he talked about “Moving to the Cloud with VMware”, I thought this was a fascinating debate and would make an interesting podcast episode, so I asked Kelly to join me to discuss it.

Kelly is a Presales Solutions Architect at Liquidweb, working with customers to help them find the right technology to meet their changing business demands, he has 17 years in the IT industry under his belt spent predominately in the cloud and hosting space.

I chat with Kelly about;

  • Cloud, more than just someone else’s computer?
  • Is cloud about more than a technology shift?
  • The innovation driver to cloud adoption
  • The shrinking datacentre
  • The VMware reality and meeting customers where they are
  • Private versus Public clouds and the process to help decide
  • The value of private cloud partnerships

Kelly’s experience in the area opened up a really interesting chat and I think the reality for many is, while they want to adopt cloud-like capabilities the options for rearchitecting entire technology stacks are limited, therefore the ability to work with someone who can help exploit existing technologies is one that has real value. Kelly makes some great points and provides a fascinating insight into the topic.

If you’d like to follow up with Kelly you can find him via email kgoolsby@liquidweb.com on twitter https://twitter.com/kgool or via the Liquidweb website https://www.liquidweb.com/

You can also watch Kelly’s video on youtube right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCSmkRsC7tU

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