Understanding the digital experience – Mehdi Daoudi – Ep 118

When we deploy technology into an organisation it’s important we focus on the right thing, technology shouldn’t be deployed for its own sake, it is there to serve a purpose, deliver an outcome and provide a good and useful experience for our customers and end-users. But how do we know that our technology is providing that?

Understanding our user experience is not something that is easy to do, we are well practised at monitoring the status and performance of our core infrastructure, but having green lights on our dashboard showing everything on and running is not the same as understanding that our users, be they customers or employees, are having the experience they need.

Why does it matter? Why is a good end-user experience important? And do we really need to care?

They are some of the questions we cover on this week’s podcast as we examine the idea of Digital Customer Experience monitoring with Catchpoint founder and CEO Medhi Daoudi. He formed Catchpoint 11 years ago but has spent most of his career working in technology monitoring and shares with us that experience and how you can build a strategy for ensuring that both your customers and employee experience with your technology is a positive one.

We discuss;

  • What is digital experience monitoring?
  • The positive experience monitoring can deliver.
  • How more complexity is driving more sophisticated monitoring.
  • Monitor outcomes, not things, the “outcome economy”.
  • The increasing drive to monitor the employee experience.
  • Examples of what happens when we don’t monitor employees experience.
  • How to start your digital experience monitoring plan.
  • The importance of proactively identifying issues and customer experience.

Making sure we are delivering the right outcomes with our technology is hugely important, technology should exist to enable our business, be it ensuring our customers have a positive experience in dealing with us or making sure our employees have effective tools to do their jobs, making sure we understand that it is doing that is not something that is commonplace, yet, but it is hugely important and something we should be starting to make part of our technology and business strategies.

Mehdi shared some great ideas and certainly provided a lot of food for thought during our chat, to find out more about Catchpoint you can visit their website https://www.catchpoint.com/ where you will also find their Site Reliability Engineering survey for 2020 in which you can participate. If you want to follow Mehdi on social media you’ll find him on twitter @mdaoudi.

Thanks for listening.

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