Big software releases – a look at Veeam V10 – Adam Bergh, Michael Cade – Ep 119

It’s a big week for Veeam software with the release of Version 10 of their core product set Veeam Availability Suite. Major software releases are often about much more than just a set of new features, they are about solving evolving industry and customer challenges and helping to drive forward a company strategy (I wrote a piece recently discussing this). What then are some of the drivers behind these software releases? What thinking goes into them? Why do they sometimes take a long time to come out? And why do they focus on some of the features they do?

With Veeam having a major software release, I thought it would be a great time to explore some of those questions with two friends of Tech Interviews Michael Cade and Adam Bergh of Veeam Software. Michael is a Global Technologist working with customers and Veeam’s product teams to ensure they get their solutions right and Adam is a Global Senior Alliance Architect, specialising on their relationship with NetApp. During the show we explore the thinking behind these V10 releases, why they focus on what they have and why partnerships with 3rd parties, like NetApp, are valuable to those of us making data management decisions.

We talk about

  • Why V10 took 3 years?
  • The importance or recognising the changing landscape
  • 5 keys of cloud data management
  • V10 helping deliver an overall strategy
  • Delivering what customers need and putting data to work
  • The value of close partnerships
  • Taking a holistic approach
  • Be better than “good enough”

I’m a fan of what Veeam do both as a software solution but more importantly as a company with a very clear strategic direction and I think what shows in my chat with Michael and Adam is how Veeam have a very clear direction and that V10 is more than just a software release but is part of a much bigger picture. I hope you find their insight useful.

You can find both my guests on twitter @michaelcade1 and @ajbergh , and also Michael’s blog and if you want to know more about Veeam V10 then visit

Thanks for listening.

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