How to reduce security risks with more remote users – Amy Stokes-Waters – Ep 124

The world finds itself in uncharted territory, gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic putting unprecedented pressure on public health and the global economy. For enterprises of all types, the challenges of trying to continue business as normal are going to be significant.

I’ve been wondering how I could help, one idea is to try to share good practice and advice from those in the IT and business continuity industries on dealing with the current crisis and giving your enterprises the very best chance of successfully finding a path through these challenging times. What better way to do that than through the Tech Interviews podcast, so over the coming weeks I’ll be trying to put out useful content and advice to help deal with the many challenges that are presented to us currently, alongside the usual Tech Interviews show, I hope you enjoy this extra content and most importantly find it useful.

In this special episode, we pick up on something that is a question I’ve been asked on many occasions over the last couple of weeks “with all of these remote users how do I ensure we maintain the security of our systems and data?” It’s a great question to be asking, to help me explore this topic I’ve drafted in a returning guest Amy Stokes-Waters, Amy works for Identity Experts a company that specialises in identity security, She’s appeared previously (Ep 104 an intro to identity security) and also has written this handy LinkedIn article called “Secure remote working at short notice” it was some of the key ideas in this article that I thought would be valuable to share and Amy was good enough to join me at short notice to do just that.

We discuss.

  • The risk of people working from unusual locations with unusual devices
  • Pushing people outside of their comfort zones
  • Tips for maintaining security and effectiveness for our users.
  • We need security but we need people to be able to operate
  • Just becomes times are unusual don’t forget the basics
  • Importance of familiar communication
  • Let people know what is expected of them
  • Importance of using sanctioned tools for storing data
  • Maybe now is not the best time to come up with new ideas
  • VPN is not the only answer to your remote access problems
  • Amy’s two top tips

Amy is clearly passionate on this topic and shares with us some great tips on ensuring you retain a strong security posture while enabling your users to continue to work effectively during these vastly changed times. if you want to find out more from her you can contact her via email at and you can also connect her on LinkedIn where you will also find a range of great articles that she has written talking about security and effective remote working.

If you’d like to talk to me professionally you can email me at If you have a topic you’d like us to cover on Tech Interviews then email me at or find me on twitter @techstringy.

Until next time, stay safe, healthy and thanks for listening.

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