Storage Myths Versus Reality – Tech Interviews & Storage Unpacked Special – Ep 125

One of the questions that I always find interesting in the technology industry is whether the technology that industry watchers and analysts talk about and fill column inches with are the things that enterprises are deploying on a wide scale. I often feel that analysts and large tech vendors have a vision of the world that is shaped by the companies on the West coast of the USA and the very largest enterprises, there is nothing wrong at all with listening to the needs and challenges those companies face, but not all enterprises are those types of organisations and does that view of the world translate to everybody else?

On this weeks show we explore exactly that question but a bit differently as this time I’m the guest! as I share with you a podcast I recorded recently with two industry friends and fellow podcasters Chris Evans and Martin Glassborow on their excellent Storage Unpacked podcast.

Chris has worked in the IT industry for over 29 years and today is an experienced consultant and analyst and writes a widely read and respected blog at, he also produces articles for numerous online publications. Martin is an IT geek who has been playing around with computers for over 30 years, today he works in the media industry and is currently building one of the largest digital media archives in Europe and he provides Storage Unpacked with the voice of the user puncturing some of the myths perpetuated across the storage industry.

Between us we have a wide and varied debate about what kind and how technology is used, evaluated, and bought by enterprises of all types, I hope you enjoy our chat as we discuss.

  • Hype V Reality
  • Are enterprises innovating or still trying to keep the lights on?
  • Technology may evolve but is it still delivered “traditionally”?
  • What is digital transformation?
  • Focus on data and outcomes
  • Technology for business benefit, not technologies sake
  • The challenge of investigating long-term technological shifts
  • Day two deployments, what happens after you have deployed?
  • Are technology business decisions still to “techie” lead?
  • Vendors, account management is important
  • Does your technology solution solve a problem that exists?

As you can see, we discuss many varied topics, Chris and Martin bring a lot of experience of the IT industry and share some interesting thoughts and hopefully I contribute a little too! If you want to find out more from them you can, of course, find them at where you will also find their excellent podcast and you’ll find them both very active on twitter @chrismevans and @storagebod and of course you will find me right here and as @techstringy on twitter.

The show will be taking a break for a few weeks over the Easter holiday here in the UK but we will be back with some brand new (not COVID-19 related!) shows including a series on data analytics, an intro to Kubernetes and native data compliance to make sure you catch those shows then please feel free to subscribe. If you would like to be a guest or have an idea for the show then drop an email to

Until next time, stay safe and healthy, thanks for listening.

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