VeeamON Wrap Up – Michael Cade – Ep134

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One of the few COVID-19 benefits has been the shift of many major technology vendors to taking their key events online, we’ve already seen Microsoft, NetApp, HPE, Cisco and many more move their big in-person conferences to an online version and while they may not replace all elements of those in-person events, what it has done is opened up the opportunity to attend events that you may not normally be able with the bonus of much of the content been left available for many weeks after the event so you can consume what you need at your own pace.

June saw Veeam’s popular VeeamON event move online for 2020 with nearly 30,000 registrations it seems to have proved a huge success, so on this week’s show, we look at how was it running such a big event online? What were the key messages and announcements from the conference that would be relevant for Veeam partners, customers and the wider data management industry? With a focus on “Elevating your cloud data-strategy” we also ask what that means and how Veeam is hoping to enable their customers to do just that.

Joining me on this first video episode is my guest from the very first Tech Interviews podcast and a regular contributor to the show Veeam Senior Global Technologist, Michael Cade as we cover.

  • What was the online experience like?
  • The challenges of scale and online anxiety!
  • The benefit of on-line events live and on-demand.
  • Even in a changing world we need to manage our data
  • Key announcements Backup for AWS, 365 and Teams, Availability orchestration
  • More key announcements Availability suite V11, CDP, Capacity Tier, Instant Recovery for NAS and Databases.
  • The importance of a data focussed conversation.
  • Portability and flexibility.
  • Are Veeam a cloud data management company?

Veeam as with several online events I have attended did a really good job of making the session an experience and as businesses learn from each other these online events will only get better. From a content perspective, Michael shared the importance of some of those key messages as Veeam continues to innovate and evolve to meet the ever-changing demands that enterprises are placing on their data.

If you’d like to check VeeamON out for yourself you can do here

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