Where do we go next? – Using tech to market – Vlad Edelman – Ep135

There is no doubt the world has changed in many ways in the last 3 months, the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to it has been something we have not witnessed before. From a technology point of view, it has presented many challenges, delivering remote IT at scale, stretched VPN’s, flexibility, support, security, the list is long. However as things start to change we are starting to turn our attention to returning to some kind of “normal”, but this also presents an opportunity to us, the chance to take what we have learned over this period and take that knowledge and experience to help plan what we do next, so that next time we need to react quickly to change we can do it better.

To help with that I have put together a short series of shows looking at where do we go next for some of our technology decision making (you can still listen to previous parts one, two and three here). In this episode, we look at a topic that is not normal Tech Interviews territory, but one that is going to be a huge focus for businesses of all shapes and sizes as we come to grips with the COVID realities that will be with us for some time to come and that is how do we use technology to better market our organisations and sell our services?

This week’s episode came about when my guest contacted me with an idea for a show focussed on that very topic, so joining me to discuss it is Vlad Edelman, CEO and founder of Targetable a digital marketing platform and service that helps businesses to use technology to better market and sell to their customers base. Vlad has vast experience in the areas of both digital platforms and online marketing services with a very impressive CV developing solutions for some of the best-known brands in the world, in this episode Vlad shares some of that experience as we discuss some of the pitfalls with today’s marketing approaches and how marketing may not be quite as easy as everyone likes to think!

We discuss.

  • I’m in IT why should I care about marketing?
  • Why everyone thinks they can do a marketeer’s job!
  • Contextually aware marketing.
  • It’s all about the data.
  • Not all interesting data is valuable.
  • Nobody spends enough on marketing!
  • The issue with tools from the big online providers.
  • Importance of consistency and quick reactions.

Vlad shares some fascinating insights into the challenges and potential solutions when it comes to targeted transactional marketing in the modern world and how for many of us finding ways to win new customers is going to be crucial in the months to come and Vlad provides some valuable tips on how to achieve better results.

If you’d like to find out more about what Vlad and Targetable do you will find them here at targetable.com.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest then why not email me at podcast@techstringy.com.

If you want to ensure you catch the next episode then please subscribe and of course, while this week’s show is only an audio version you can still find it is still available on the new TechstringyTV YouTube Channel.

Thanks for listening.

Want to listen to the show via YouTube you can right here.

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