ONUG Bringing Vendors and Community Together – Nick Lippis – Ep139

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There are two camps when it comes to the world of technology, there are those who use it and those who make it. The challenge is, how do we make sure that those who are developing and selling technology are supplying things that are useful to and solving the challenges of those who are buying and using it? How do you bring those two disparate groups together in a way that allows for constructive dialogue which in turn leads to delivering products that solve business problems while still allowing tech vendors to innovate and of course make money?

It’s a challenge across all of the technology industry with customer-vendor relationships often not going much beyond influencing price and of course, while the tech community is very strong for IT Pro’s and developers it is often less so for those who are IT decision-makers and senior influencers. On this week’s show, we look at an organisation who although new to me, has since 2012 been looking to address this problem and have done so with a fair degree of success, ONUG.

ONUG is a community that looks to bring senior IT leaders together with vendors to address the challenge of ensuring vendors are delivering technology that meets modern business needs, how and why do they do that? Co-founder and Co-chair Nick Lippis joins me to share the ideas behind ONUG and how you can get involved.

Join us as we discuss.

  • Where do execs go to talk to their peers?
  • Getting beyond price only influence with vendors.
  • It’s not about users v sellers – it’s about healthy debate!
  • ONUG successes – talking about things that end up getting built.
  • Pushing back on vendors.
  • The integration of business and digital strategy.
  • Upcoming ONUG conference.
  • Digital platforms for modern business.
  • Not new just quicker!
  • Leaving the datacentre.
  • The ONUG collaborative.

ONUG is certainly attempting to find a way of bringing together those disparate communities and ensure we get the right kind of solutions into the technology market and I’m certainly looking forward to catching some sessions at the upcoming conference. To find out more about that event you can visit and register at fall.onug.net. You can also follow ONUG on twitter @ONUG_ and if you want to catch up with Nick you can also find him on Twitter and Linkedin.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest then why not email podcast@techstringy.com. To ensure you catch the next episode please subscribe on either YouTube or your favourite podcast app.

Thanks for listening and watching.

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