Microsoft Ignite Round-Up – Kirk Ryan and Sarah Lean – Ep140

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2020 has put an end to many of the things we see as normal and one of those things for the tech industry has been the physical attending of conferences. However, what this has also meant is many of these conferences moving online, which, while it has its downsides, also means that they are accessible to many more people.

As September rolls around it seems that the technology industry has decided this should be digital conference season, as we publish this week’s podcast in the week of the 28th September we see VMworld 2020 happening online and throughout October companies like Veeam, NetApp, ONUG and others will be holding their own digital events. Ahead of all of those we have had Microsoft Ignite, their major conference for the technical community.

What did we hear at Ignite? What Microsoft announcements should we go and check out? In the first of what is going to become a series of event wrap up shows over the coming weeks, I’m joined by Microsoft’s Sarah Lean and NetApp’s Kirk Ryan to give their views of Ignite, what surprised them and excited them. So technical issues (with the video version of the show) aside, settle back and join our chat as we talk about.

  • Microsoft’s aims for ignite
  • Azure in Space and in the sea
  • Automating your Azure estate
  • Windows is not dead
  • Putting the power in the hands of those who need it
  • If you could only check out one session

As you can tell from our chat there was a significant amount of content and a wide range of strategic and technical information. Kirk and Sarah did a great job of summing them up as Ignite again demonstrated just how much Microsoft has changed over the last few years and how cloud is helping them and their customers to innovate and grow in ways that would have seemed unlikely before Satya Nadella’s time in charge.

If you’d like to find out more from Kirk and Sarah you can follow them on Twitter @kirk__ryan and @TechieLass, you can also find more from their blogs and, I’d also strongly recommend Sarah’s YouTube channel full of great content included her weekly Azure news roundup show. You can also find out more from Sarah’s Azure team on their ITOps Talk Blog. Finally, Kirk shared the new Azure NetApp File Community that you can find here.

Sessions from Microsoft Ignite will remain online for a while and you can find them here, including sessions from Sarah as well as the NetApp SPOT session that Kirk discussed.

If you’d like to appear as a guest on the show or have an idea for a show then email and to catch the next episode then please subscribe on YouTube or you usual home of quality podcasts!

Thanks for watching and listening.

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