Building a bridge to the cloud – Phoebe Goh – Ep143

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The public cloud is playing an ever more important part in the modern enterprise’s infrastructure, whether they are SaaS services such as Microsoft 365 or native cloud services from compute to storage. The challenge when we look to adopt the cloud is how do we avoid developing a technology silo in our business, how do we make sure we don’t put the cloud on an island all of its own, one that has no integration into our enterprise datacentre. Because that is not the point is it? We want the cloud to be a valuable extension of what we do, something we can use “tactically” to solve problems and enable us to do things that are hard on-premises.

How then do we build appropriate bridges between what we do in the datacentre and those resources and services the public cloud has to offer? That is the subject of this week’s show as I am joined by Principal Architect and Cloud Evangelist at NetApp, Phoebe Goh. Phoebe shares some of her experiences and her take on public cloud and how to make sure we can join the dots between our on-premises infrastructure and those valuable cloud resources.

We discuss.

  • Why we need a Cloud data strategy.
  • We need an Enterprise-ready cloud.
  • It is not just about “somebody else’s computer”.
  • Cloud is a “mindset”.
  • Make your datacentre more cloud-like and your cloud more enterprise.
  • Avoiding the human nature of silos!
  • Joining the technology dots.
  • The value of “specialists”.
  • Tips for “joining the cloudy dots!”
  • Looking forward to NetApp INSIGHT.

I always enjoy catching up with Phoebe her knowledge and enthusiasm are a great mix for sharing her experience of cloud architecture and providing tips on how you can make sure your use of public cloud is as effective as it can be. Phoebe also talked about NetApp INSIGHT during this session and regardless of whether you are a NetApp customer or not, this is a really useful event to hear from a specialist in data storage both on-premises and in the cloud and with a great line up of speakers Including Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, it is going to be a great show, you can register for free and find out more here.

To find out more from Phoebe you can follow her on Twitter @phoebegoh and Linkedin and if you want to hear more podcasting from her you can catch up on the short, snappy and excellent Go Your Way Podcast.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest, then email me and to catch the next episode why not subscribe.

Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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