The distributed workforce and the sword! – Doug Miller – Ep144

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There is no doubt that the way businesses operate has changed significantly throughout 2020 and while many of us had plans for and technology in place to deal with a distributed workforce, not many of us have the plans, technology or processes in place to deal with all of our workforce been distributed.

That has raised challenges across many enterprises do we have the right infrastructure? What about security? How do we support all our users? Deliver enterprise-class technology and solutions into the consumer environment that is the home? Let’s face it, enterprise technology and its deployment was never designed for the home and even less designed for it, was our ability to offer support to all of our users, from setting up remote access to dealing with home broadband and wi-fi issues.

Now then, is the time for us to take a step back and rethink our distributed workforce, how we approach it? How we modernise not only our technology but also our processes as we realise that for many the shift to a more distributed workforce is going to be a permanent one? To help me to explore this is this week’s podcast guest Doug Miller, CEO of Brightworks Group, a company specialising in helping enterprises of all sizes to modernise their approach to IT and help to service a distributed workforce. Doug offers a fascinating take on the topic sharing his experiences and considered views on how you can reshape your IT to meet the needs of the modern business.

Join us as we discuss.

  • Doug’s props!
  • The demands of our changing world
  • The opportunity of distributed workforces
  • The power user problem!
  • Big issues are not necessarily technical
  • The digital transformation “lag”
  • The data portability problem
  • When the leadership does not embrace technology
  • The importance of working with specialists who can help you
  • Tips on rethinking your distributed workforce.

Doug brought a fabulous insight to the topic and shared it with not only great enthusiasm but also with a sword! You cannot ask for more than that! His knowledge and experience shone through as he shared some fantastic tips on how to re-tool your business to not only support but to take advantage of the opportunities presented by a distributed workforce.

If you’d like to find out more about Brightworks Group then you can do that via and you’ll also find them on LinkedIn and Twitter @brightworksG. You can also find Doug on LinkedIn.

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Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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