Destroying all the data – Paul Katzoff – Ep146

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As we have covered many times on this podcast that data is a core asset for modern enterprises, how we gather it and use it is amongst the hottest topics for enterprise IT decision-makers. Of course, along with that comes how we protect and secure that data, making sure we do not lose it for technical, commercial and regulatory reasons is vital. However, there is one area of data, that in my experience gets far less consideration and that is erasure.

There is always a lifecycle when it comes to data, it is created, it is used and then when it has served its production purpose there is the question of “what do we do with it now?” this is true, not just for the data itself, but also for the data repositories we have in our business, storage arrays, laptops, mobile devices, USB sticks anywhere we hold data we need to think about how do we erase the data when we are finished with it.

That is the subject of this weeks show as I’m joined by Paul Katzoff, CEO of WhiteCanyon Software a company specialising in the secure erasure of data. Paul is a CEO who has truly experienced all areas of his business, starting in Tech Support and working his way through the company to the point of his role today. Because of that, he brings a great perspective to understanding the challenge and the things you need to consider when you include erasure as part of your data strategy.

Join us as we discuss.

  • While erasure is not new the challenge continues to evolve.
  • How do I verify erasure?
  • The issues in “physical destruction”.
  • Compatibility and standards.
  • The evolving challenge of data erasure.
  • “Consumer” tech and enterprise data.
  • Data erasure is not just a technology problem.
  • Plan for your data’s lifecycle.
  • How is the tech evolving?
  • Tips for your data erasure strategy at scale
  • Should I do it myself?

Paul’s experience in the industry offered me a fresh perspective on the challenges of data erasure and the importance of not forgetting that data is not all about collection, analytics and production use, we need to consider what happens when our need for data or the repositories that hold it ends. If you’d like to find out more from Paul you can follow him on Twitter @PaulKatzoff you can also follow WhiteCanyon @WhiteCanyon and of course, find more on their websites either at or

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Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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