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As our technology stack continues to evolve and the demands on our IT systems grow, we need to become increasingly smarter with the way we deliver it. Increasingly we want all elements of our technology infrastructure to be software-driven, we want intelligence about performance so we can use it to drive and automate change. We are already seeing this across much of our technology stack compute, applications and storage have all benefitted greatly from modernising the way we think about and deliver it.

However, one area that is often not considered is the area of networking. Networking is at the very heart of modern infrastructure but often we still see very traditional approaches to how it is designed and deployed. While we see more cloud-like approaches across much of our infrastructure we are still struggling to see that across our enterprise network, why is that and how do we change it?

That is the topic of this week’s show as I catch up with Rich Martin, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at intelligent network automation specialists Intential. Rich who has a background in programming alongside his networking experience has a great perspective on some of the challenges we see with network automation and what needs to change, so join us as we discuss.

  • The networking bottleneck in IT automation.
  • Why can’t we “spin-up” networking?
  • How do we modernise when there a lack of strategy, skills and tools?
  • The COVID effect.
  • The problems with a traditional approach.
  • The cloud networking quandary!
  • Automation “sprawl”.
  • Cloud networking, like a network but different!
  • How networking is evolving.
  • Building a network automation strategy.
  • What Itential do.
  • Building a network platform.
  • Tips for your network modernisation approach

I find network automation an interesting part of the evolution of the way we deliver technology and one that is beginning to change. I think Itential is offering some strong solutions in helping enterprises to evolve their network automation capabilities and are well worth checking out, to find out more about that then why not visit or email them You can also find them on Twitter @itential and for more developer focussed details check out

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Until next time thanks for watching and listening.

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