Making tech available to all – Michael Cade & Jason Benedicic – Ep148

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2020 has been one heck of a year, for all kinds of reasons, many of them of course less than positive. The world has been turned on its head, with lots of the things we took for granted as our “normal” behaviour no longer allowed or drastically changed. 2020 has also put a strain on the global community in unprecedented ways, straining healthcare, education, and business.

The technology industry has been at the forefront of much of the global response, not just in business, but across all areas of life tools like Zoom and Teams moved from corporate apps to an everyday part of people’s lives, a way to do business, yes, but also a way to stay in touch, have get-togethers, quizzes and of course of ways of carrying on education from the youngest to those studying for advanced qualifications.

It was this work that caught my eye and felt like a great topic for our last Tech Interviews of 2020, so that is exactly what we do as I’m joined by Michael and Jason to explore what we can do as individuals and industry to make technology available to all. It’s a great chat and with a fine collection of Christmas outfits for you to enjoy (if you watch the YouTube version).

We chat about.

  • Technology is only helpful if you have access to it.
  • Some of our favourite tech costs too much
  • The global challenge.
  • What about those who are not tech-literate?
  • Cheap technology alone is not the answer.

What Jason and Michael have taken on is a great example of what we can do as a tech community, if we just think about the way we can use technology a little differently and look to solve problems. To find out more about what they have been looking at, check out their blogs at and and if you have ideas you want to share with them you can find them on Twitter @michaelcade1 and @jabenedicic.

As this is the last show of the year, I would just like to say thanks for all of the support of the show this year from both a fantastic collection of guests and to you the listener, because without listeners there wouldn’t be a show.

May you all have an enjoyable holiday season and let’s hope 2021 is a bit of an improvement on 2020!

Until next year, thanks for listening and watching.

Thanks to PowerTribe for the use of their version of Carol of the Bells in our festive theme tune.

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