Avoid the Machine Learning Hype – Casey Kindiger – Ep151

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The entire way we look at delivering IT in the enterprise is changing, the environment we operate in, the operational expectation of our business, how we interact with customers, the speed with which we can react to change are all demanding new ways of architecting and operating our IT systems. Of course, this has led to rapid innovations across enterprise technology from the adoption of the cloud, the way we deliver applications (Kubernetes for example) through to the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to a point where all of these are now common conversations around the technologist’s table.

The innovations have led to new views of how we see operations as increasingly we adopt DevOps, SecOps, DataOps and of course AIOps, using artificial intelligence to help us to deal with the ever-growing operational challenge presented by modern enterprise demands. The risk of course with this kind of shift is hype, getting wrapped up with the excitement, diving into the technology and then after many months and much investment we find that the changes never really delivered value, how do we avoid that trap and ensure if we are going to use more intelligence and analytics in our operations, we avoid the hype and deliver maximum benefit?

That is the topic of this week’s show with my guest Casey Kindiger, CEO at Grokstream, who joins me to share some thoughts on how to avoid the AI hype when it comes to delivering AIOPS into your organisation. Casey is a serial entrepreneur with a data science background and brings a wide range of experience to the conversation, so join us as we discuss.

  • What is AIOPS?
  • Pavlov’s Dog and IT Ops.
  • Rules-based approaches must change.
  • What is driving change?
  • Wasting quality data!
  • Can’t we just throw machine learning at it?
  • It’s a cultural shift.
  • Tips for doing AIOPS well.
  • Avoiding the traps.
  • About Grokstream.

There is no doubt that analytics and AI, if they are not already, are going to be a daily part of enterprise IT, whether it is the way we look after data, how we secure our systems or, as we have discussed here, how we deliver more efficient and effective operations. However, as Casey shared you are only going to deliver that value if you avoid the technology hype and plan for and understand the benefits of what you are trying to achieve. Casey provided wide-ranging insight into, what for me, is a fascinating topic and I hope you got plenty from it.

To find out more about the work Casey and his team do head over to grokstream.com and you will find Grok University here. To find out more from Casey you can follow him on both Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to be a guest, email podcast@techstringy.com and to catch the next episode why not subscribe.

Until next time, thanks for watching and listening.

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