The state of your network – Steve Petryschuk – Ep152

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Networks are at the very heart of the way business operates in the modern world, with so much of what we do driven digitally the need for us to connect our devices with our applications and data is central to almost everything the enterprise does to function. For something so central to our operations it’s interesting how little we think about it, networks are like a utility, you turn on the tap water comes out, you flick a switch electricity flows, you hook up your device you expect to get connected and in many enterprises we are as confident of our network as we are any other utility.

But should we be? How sure are we that our networks are as robust and resilient as the modern enterprise requires? Is that confidence misplaced? Because our networks are changing and are changing more quickly than ever before, more distributed, carrying more traffic and more essential to day-to-day business and that raises the question, should we be confident that we are doing all we can to ensure it continues to meet our demands?

That is something I’ve been considering recently after been sent the latest Network Field Report from network management specialists Auvik. The report looks at the changing state of the network, the perception many enterprises have of their networks versus the reality of how they operate. Joining me on this week’s podcast is Steve Petryschuk a Network management expert at Auvik to discuss what they discovered in their survey, how they are seeing the enterprise network changing and what we can do as IT pro’s to ensure our network continues to meet the demands placed upon it.

Join us as we discuss.

  • The background behind the report
  • The changing role of the networking professional
  • How has the enterprise view of networking changed?
  • Why we need network knowledge?
  • The problem of over-confidence!
  • The increasing rate of change and are we tracking it?
  • Embrace change
  • Proactive management giving us time back
  • The benefit of better insight
  • Steps to improving your network posture
  • The power of automation

Steve shared some great insights into what he is seeing in the modern enterprise network, some of the challenges as well as some of the strategic shifts we need to make to ensure we continue to meet the demands placed upon it. The Auvik network report is well worth a look and you can request your copy here and you can find out more about Auvik in the same location. To find more from Steve connect with him on Linkedin and you can follow Auvik there as well.

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Until next time, thanks for watching and listening.

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