Why Why DDI? – Andrew Wertkin- Ep155

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The IT landscape is changing extremely quickly as we embrace new ways of working, new technologies, adopt the cloud and have ever more distributed workforces, all demanding increased access to our services and data. These changes are being embraced by modern business as they see technology as a way of driving improved outcomes and new opportunities. However, one thing that often does not change in our business is networking, not only the technology behind it but more importantly the processes we have in place to operationally support our enterprises rapidly changing demands.

Why is that? In many cases it can be perhaps blamed on the IT “Superhero” those folk in your network operations team who spend night and day keeping the network running so nobody notices it, because the network for today’s enterprise is like the demands for dial tone in our voice systems, we expect it to be there and we only notice it when it isn’t. However, many enterprises are still reliant on a network team maintaining spreadsheets full of IP addresses, DNS and DHCP services running independently of each other and while this is all operating it’s fine. But do we realise that these very traditional approaches to managing are ever more complex networks may be inhibiting our ability to change and transform our business operations?

What do we do about it? That’s what I chat about with this week’s guest Andrew Wertkin, Andrew is the Chief Strategy Officer at BlueCat a company specialising in the management, control and automation of DNS, DHCP and IP address management or DDI (an acronym of acronyms), join us as we look at how the network has changed, how not changing our operational approach is inhibiting us and how to plan for better network management.

It’s a fascinating chat as we discuss.

  • What is DDI
  • DNS, DHCP, IP Management modern critical services
  • Without control and governance, you can’t enable change
  • IT cannot be a blocker
  • That’s not transforming it’s just upgrading
  • If you don’t expect your IT to change you’re not paying attention
  • If you’re not planning you will have problems
  • Getting your DDI right

Andrew offers a range of great insight that I trust you found as useful as I did. To find more from him you can follow him on Twitter @awertkin and you can find more from BlueCat at bluecatnetworks.com as well as on their YouTube channel. You can also join their Network VIP slack channel to chat with your peers right here.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to join me as a guest email podcast@techstringy.com. To catch the next episode then subscribe in any of the usual ways.

Until next time, thanks for listening and watching.

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