Time to ignore AI and ML – Rick Hall – Ep154

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More effective data analytics is part of most organisations plans, we see the ability to extract useful information that helps us make better business decisions as a crucial part of digital transformation into a more data-driven enterprise. However, perhaps it is not as easy as it sounds, many enterprises have had cause to re-evaluate their shift after their analytics projects failed to deliver the value they had hoped for, but why?

Often this came about as organisations perhaps leapt a little early into the worlds of AI and ML without fully understanding what that meant, or how to effectively utilise these technologies. This is not a surprise, in many cases enterprises are “sold” the data analytics dream, point the right tools at your data and it will be able to find out previously unknown insights into your business so you can make better decisions, but it’s a bit more complex than that of course.

This week’s podcast was inspired by a whitepaper I was sent, produced by Analytics company Aginity, the paper was entitled “Forget about AI and ML” which, while a provocative title, offered some interesting insights. It discusses how delivering an analytics project is about much more than technology and has much wider requirements from culture, to who we involve, to how we ensure we have the appropriate data to operate with. This is a topic that intrigues me, so joining me to discuss this in more detail is CEO of Aginity, Rick Hall, he has worked in the data analytics industry for 30 years now and has seen many analytics projects succeed as well as fail and in this episode, he shares some thoughts on how to get it right.

Join us as we discuss.

  • How are we currently using AI?
  • You’ve got to do the “dirty work first”
  • What are the challenges we face with analytics?
  • The “third phase” of analytics.
  • Democratising analytics.
  • How to make analytics work better.
  • Empowering people.
  • It’s not just a technology shift.
  • What Aginity do.
  • The power of collaborative analytics
  • Top tips for driving better analytics.

Data Analytics is high on the agenda of most enterprises, but doing it right needs careful thought and planning, as well as making sure we empower the right people with the right tools. Rick did a great job here for articulating that and providing some tips on how to get this kind of project delivered right in your enterprise. You can find out more from Rick on Linkedin and Aginity on their website aginity.com. If you’d like to read the whitepaper that was behind this episode you can request it here.

If you have an idea for a show or would like to appear as a guest, then why not email me at podcast@techstringy.com and to catch the next episode, subscribe.

Until next time, thanks for watching and listening.

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