Is it time for object storage in the enterprise? – Brad King, Scality – Ep161

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Tech Interviews has come out of semi-retirement for a short series of shows looking at another range of Enterprise IT topics.

First up, is an old familiar subject of the evolving world of storage. This episode came about from an event I attended some months back where Scality introduced their Artesca technology and addition to their already successful Ring object storage solution. What interested me about what they presented was how object storage has moved from the edges of our data infrastructure, providing long term backup repositories, solution-specific platforms or “that cloud storage thing” to something that is becoming both increasingly pervasive.

Why is object storage increasingly becoming part of the everyday enterprise data platform conversation? Is it better suited to modern ways of working, that need data portability at scale? Does it fit better with our modern application development processes, such as containers? To find out I am joined on this episode by Field CTO and co-founder of Scality Brad King.

We have a great chat as we look at what object storage is, why block and file storage may not be suitable for today’s cloud-scale world, and we also learn a little more about what Scality have to offer.

Join us as we chat about.

  • What is object Storage
  • Why object and not just block and file?
  • Is it time for more object in the enterprise?
  • The value of metadata
  • The object use cases
  • About Scality
  • Artesca bringing object to the smaller use case

The case for object storage as a primary platform for your data continues to grow as we need more scale to our data platforms and the modernisation of applications is stretching some of the bounds of our more traditional file and block approaches. Is object right in every instance? No, of course not, but as Brad shares, there are some use cases it delivers extremely well. If you are looking at new approaches to data in your business, it may well be time to explore what object storage can bring.

I hope you enjoyed our chat, you can find out more from Scality on the web at or on Twitter @scality

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