Get Cyber Fit, Get Cyber Protected – Candid Wuest – Ep162

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Cyber Security continues to be top of the list of IT challenges most enterprises face. While our businesses continue to evolve in how we use technology, how we work, and how we consume data, so the threat continues to evolve. Today the threat is ever more complex, with new attack vectors, ransomware, cyber attack as a service, to name a few. But not only is the threat greater, so is the impact, with businesses increasingly less able to operate without their technology. And of course an ever more strict regulatory framework in place to ensure we protect data appropriately, that also comes with ever heavier fines to punish those that don’t.

In the face of this challenge we need to think carefully about how we deliver our security strategy, these modern threats need a modern approach. Earlier this year, I was asked to present at an event hosted by Acronis, this event focussed on taking a new approach to security. The contents of that day stuck with me and I wanted to share with you some of the information from that event. To help me to do that is one of my co-presenters Acronis’s Candid Wuest. Candid has broad experience in the industry, with over 20 years focusing on Cyber Security, operating in some of the worlds largest security vendors. He joins me here as we discuss how to get CyberFit and develop a cyber protection strategy.

On the show we discuss.

  • What is Cyber Fit and Cyber Protection?
  • No single technology will protect you from everything
  • The holistic approach
  • Enjoy the SAPAS
  • Security is complex, but its management shouldn’t be
  • Having a security business continuity plan
  • Some tips for getting cyber fit
  • A little more about the Acronis approach
  • The value of learning from vendors

This is such a crucial topic in the enterprise and as we mentioned in summary, taking the opportunity to learn from leading vendors, can be extremely useful as you help build your cyber defences. Candid covered some great information and as he mentions you can find out more from Acronis at, or follow them on Twitter @acronis. The upcoming CyberFit events are also worth checking out. You can find them here.

To catch the next episode, then you can subscribe in all good homes of podcasts and on Youtube.

Until next time, thanks for joining me.

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