Busting DLP Myths – Justin Bortnick – Ep164

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Data is the lifeblood of today’s enterprise. Making sure we secure it properly is critical to modern business. We cannot afford data to leave our control in any way that puts our sensitive and important information at risk. In a world of increased data focussed regulations where data, privacy and trust are so critical in our business relationships, the impact of a data breach can be significant.

How do we address this challenge? Well for many the idea of data loss prevention lives a little in the past. We think of it as software sitting on our endpoints and stopping users plugging in a USB stick and copying data to it. While that is indeed a way of stopping data from leaving our control, in a world of cloud-based services, distributed working and the demand for flexible access from many locations and devices, that is not enough to meet today’s demands. In the modern enterprise, not only do we need to control our data and ensure our information security, but we also need to share it, internally, externally, with customers and partners, it is the currency of modern business and we need secure ways to share it.

How do we empower our use of data and keep it secure and under our control? By ensuring we build a modern data security strategy, a key part of which is data loss prevention (DLP). What does modern DLP look like? That is the subject of this Tech Interviews Episode with my guest Justin Bortnick of Digital Guardian. Justin is a long-time data security practitioner and uses that experience to help simplify the often-complex issues that come with data security. I take this opportunity to learn from Justin’s experience and build an understanding of modern data loss prevention techniques and how technology from industry leaders like Digital Guardian can help you to effectively enable your data security strategy.

Join us in this fascinating discussion as we bust some DLP myths by covering.

  • Learn the basics
  • Get buy-in
  • Your first goal – know where your data is
  • Context is crucial to accurate DLP
  • Crawl before you run
  • What are your data loss drivers?
  • This is not just a technical problem
  • The Digital Guardian approach
  • The one thing you should be doing

Data loss prevention is a priority for any business serious about its data and that is all businesses, isn’t it? But misconceptions and misunderstandings on how best to build a robust data leak prevention strategy are an issue, which can lead to an enterprise not protecting its data as it needs to. Justin’s enthusiasm for the subject and the level of insight he provided was hugely valuable for me and I trust there were for you. To find out more about Justin you can find him on LinkedIn and more about Digital Guardian on their website digitalguardian.com.

If you have any questions, then please email podcast@techstringy.com and to catch the next episode then please subscribe.

For now, thanks for joining me.

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