Viva V11 – Michael Cade and Anthony Spiteri – Ep153

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As the world of technology and data continues to evolve, so must the solutions that we use to build our enterprise technology stacks, which of course means new versions of products and services from our leading vendors. At the end of February 2021 Cloud Data Management specialists Veeam released Version 11 of their highly successful availability suite. But what does that mean for those of us who deliver, manage and maintain enterprise infrastructure?

Because while the world we operate in continues to evolve are vendors listening to the challenges that their customers have? Understanding evolving trends and how they are likely to impact both them and their customers? And developing their solutions to meet those needs? The modern enterprise has seen a huge shift to a massively distributed workforce, organisations are using multiple locations and multiple clouds and repositories for their data and of course that data continues to grow as we find new ways to create it and demand new ways to manage it. The modern enterprise is also embracing the cloud more broadly and all of this before we even begin the conversation of “how do I get more value from my data?”. Building modern data platforms is a significant challenge to both the enterprise and to the vendors who supply solutions to them.

 In this episode, I’m joined by Veeam Senior Global Technologists and regular Tech Interviews contributors, Michael Cade and Anthony Spiteri, as I put those questions to them as we explore some of the key announcements from Veeam’s V11 launch. We discuss what was behind some of those design decisions and how are these developments helping to solve enterprise challenges.

Join us as we discuss.

  • The V11 Strategy
  • Continuous data protection and the critical workload.
  • Be right, not first.
  • Immutable backups made easy.
  • Making innovation available to all.
  • The power of the cloud for long term retention.
  • Helping to balance costs.
  • Improving instant recovery.
  • Protect it anywhere, recover it anywhere.
  • Getting more value from our backup data.

This was a jam-packed show and it is always great to catch up with the Veeam team, there is always a real enthusiasm from them for their technology and it’s great to see that not only are customers listened to, but what they hear is then acted upon. Michael and Anthony, as always, offered great insight into this significant technology release.

Find out more from Michael on Twitter @MichaelCade1 and at You’ll find Anthony on Twitter @anthonyspiteri and find his blogs and broader content at

To find out more about V11 visit and you can also replay the V11 launch event over at

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Thanks for listening and watching.

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