Building your digital resilience – Edwin Weijdema – Ep163

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In our last show, we talked about the idea of cyber fit and cyber protection and how, as our demands and the threats to our data change, so must our approach to security and protection. We continue that theme this week as we look at the changing world in which we operate and how that is driving the need to think not only about protection but also resilience, digital resilience.

Joining me this week is Edwin Weijdema a global technologist at Veeam. Edwin and I have got to know each other well over the last 18 months and have had the opportunity to present together several times on our shared enthusiasm for building better data focussed security and resilience. This idea of resilience is key when it comes to security, while much of the security discussion is focussed on prevention, and rightly so, it is important to realise that even the best-laid plans cannot always stop a cyber security incident. When that happens, what is the plan? All businesses have plans for recovery from flood, fire, power loss etc, but how many of us have planned for the impact of ransomware or other cyber security threats?

The way we operate as businesses, our reliance on technology in all walks of life, as well as the ever-evolving cyber threat, have all changed the way we need to look at our security plans and it’s crucial that we also know not only how to protect ourselves, but handle it when the worst happens. Join us as Edwin shares with us his experiences and ideas around how to improve your digital resilience as well as how Veeam now sees itself as not just a data protection company but a risk management one.

We discuss.

  • The evolving world
  • How the cyber threat has grown
  • Cyber Security Still an IT problem
  • Building digital resilience
  • The security triangle People, Process, Technology
  • Protection without recovery is nothing
  • Veeam the Risk Management Company

I always enjoy discussing this stuff with Edwin, he has great enthusiasm and experience for the topic and a passion for helping others to develop cyber resilience. You can find more from Edwin by following him on Twitter @Viperian or LinkedIn. You can also find more about Veeam and its part in your digital resilience plan over at

I hope you found that as useful as I always do when I chat with Edwin. To make sure you catch the next show, why not subscribe.

But for now, thanks for joining me.

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